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  1. Classic essay.
  2. I have no idea how this got into my open tabs. I disagree a lot. But it's good rant.
  3. "How could the flow of high-quality music continue despite sharp reductions in firms’ ability to appropriate revenue. The puzzle’s resolution may lie in the observation that technological change has not only reduced effective demand; it has also reduced costs of bringing music to market. The costs of creation, promotion, and distribution have all been revolutionised by new information and communications technologies."
  4. "Here’s a provocative talk by Michael Heller about the problems of private ownership."
  5. Interesting. But speculation that a report may have existed that implied these things seems like pretty week ammution.
  6. This has been online for quite some time. I'm really surprised I haven't found this before.
  7. Great conversation/debate between Nina Paley and Corey Doctorow. Wow!
  8. Answer: Seems so. People sure don't like DRM.
  9. via daf
  10. Dovetails nice with the porn article I want to do.

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