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  1. Continuing to follow up on a bet I had with AaronSw.
  2. Classic essay.
  3. I have no idea how this got into my open tabs. I disagree a lot. But it's good rant.
  4. "Getting your stuff fixed instead of throwing it away is good for the environment as well as for your bank balance. So why is this craft dying out in America?" Via Don Marti.
  5. "The UPenn Journal of Business Law recently published my (first!) law review article, which proposes a relatively far-reaching solution: Reinterpreting existing law to impose a strong presumption in favor of low-cost index funds for tax-advantaged, employer-sponsored DC plans, including 401(k)s. Even if you don't agree with that solution, something needs to be done."
  6. Talk about perverse incentives.
  7. Amazing graph of natural gas price fluctuations. The robots are running the show people.
  8. "How could the flow of high-quality music continue despite sharp reductions in firms’ ability to appropriate revenue. The puzzle’s resolution may lie in the observation that technological change has not only reduced effective demand; it has also reduced costs of bringing music to market. The costs of creation, promotion, and distribution have all been revolutionised by new information and communications technologies."
  9. "Here’s a provocative talk by Michael Heller about the problems of private ownership."
  10. Word. I knew how to get around the NYT paywall and happily bought a subscription. As the author suggests, I like being treated as an adult.
    14-08-2011 to , , , , by mako
  11. Interesting. But speculation that a report may have existed that implied these things seems like pretty week ammution.
  12. Great conversation/debate between Nina Paley and Corey Doctorow. Wow!
  13. Nice post mostly about the fact that hosting free network services can be expensive and that self-hosting can be a rather tricky proposition.
  14. Jobs are needed to "to cope with the Windows 7 launch." Sounds about right. ;)
  15. Journalists versus the Internet. Guess which side Gladwell takes? Gladwell would be well served to not reviewing books he has such stake in. I've never seen him look this defensive or uninformed.
  16. The Economist takes up the issue of network services and autonomy!
  17. "With the financial meltdown eroding IT budgets, large investment banks, hedge funds and other financial institutions have been forced to rethink their attitudes toward open source technology. Use of open source technology is quietly booming in the capital markets because of increased cost pressures, and analysts predict the current economic conditions will drive further industry adoption."
  18. Feel good article about FOSS although not a lot of new things to say.
  19. nice writeup by the author of liar's poker

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