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  1. Consultancy run by James Vasile and Karl Fogel.
  2. Looks like an interesting project.
  3. Description of Conway's law.. also referred to as the "mirror hypothesis" in the management literature.
  4. "Earlier, I start a G+ discussion about Google and their "War on RSS", and spoke a bit about which organizations "out there" have a commitment to the Open Web and to Open Standards. In that brief and hastily written post, I came up with only four organizations (not "companies" mind you, but organizations in general) which seem committed to protecting access to technology in an open manner, and which could be said to promote something like the hacker ethic. The four I came up with initially were: 1. Mozilla 2. Free Software Foundation 3. Electronic Frontier Foundation 4. Red Hat"
  5. Yow. I'd heard people complaining about the wait times for FLOSS projects for IRS approval for some time. Where the outrage people?
  6. "Acquia fastest growing software company in US."
  7. Ohloh gets bought. Again.
  8. Complicated argument by Eben Moglen on the GPL, competition law, and MySQL.
  9. Nice post mostly about the fact that hosting free network services can be expensive and that self-hosting can be a rather tricky proposition.
  10. The Economist takes up the issue of network services and autonomy!
  11. Article by a leader of an internal HP "open source" user group type organization. Interesting.
  12. "With the financial meltdown eroding IT budgets, large investment banks, hedge funds and other financial institutions have been forced to rethink their attitudes toward open source technology. Use of open source technology is quietly booming in the capital markets because of increased cost pressures, and analysts predict the current economic conditions will drive further industry adoption."
  13. Interesting in relation to the FSF lawsuit.
  14. Yet another open source person at MS.

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