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  1. Description of Conway's law.. also referred to as the "mirror hypothesis" in the management literature.
  2. More on Jeri Ellsworth pointing out limits in the Valve structure.
  3. Incredible story about dysfunction at Microsoft. Via Don Marti.
  4. Mark Shuttleworth is trying to recruit engineering managers to Canonical. I agree that the good engineering managers need not be good engineers. I think solid tech skills do go a long way to helping engineers respect their managers. And that is important.
  5. This is the best website I think I've seen introducing academic models to a non-academic context anywhere.
  6. 06-09-2009 to , , , by mako
  7. I think that writing about a companies internally strategy is pretty risky but the idea that Google is putting its own interest over its users is an interesting idea that meshes pretty well with the whole antifeatures cocept that I've been throwing around.
  8. Article by a leader of an internal HP "open source" user group type organization. Interesting.
  9. Nice summary of a decent article.

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