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  1. Another online service shutting it doors. Apparently, it is also refusing to be archived!
  2. Congrats, guys.
  3. Matthew Garrett wrote up some good stuff about this.
  4. Continuing to follow up on a bet I had with AaronSw.
  5. Yow. I'd heard people complaining about the wait times for FLOSS projects for IRS approval for some time. Where the outrage people?
  6. "Acquia fastest growing software company in US."
  7. Talk about perverse incentives.
  8. How it is possible that GooglePlus does not offer RSS feeds. Why isn't this is the bigger story?
  9. Not really. :-(
  10. I'm fascinated by for-profits turning into non-profits and vice versa.
  11. Word. I knew how to get around the NYT paywall and happily bought a subscription. As the author suggests, I like being treated as an adult.
    14-08-2011 to , , , , by mako
  12. Answer: Seems so. People sure don't like DRM.
  13. “Nobody buys newspapers anymore,” he said. “People are reading everything online mostly.”h

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