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  1. Great story about the genesis of NightScout ("CGM in the Cloud")
  2. This entire series by the NYT is fantastic.
  3. Seems like caffeine itself is basically not bad for kids beyond obvious stuff like keeping them from sleeping, suppressing appetite, coming in drinks with tons of sugar, etc.
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  5. Puts things in perspective.
  6. Amazing.
  7. What a horror story. I'm glad Erik is finally setting the record straight.
  8. "It is a question of do schools fit the medical reality of teenagers?" he said.
  9. An old post by Andrew Gelman on the whole "daughters make you a lefty" phenomena and how there is a potential bias introduced by the fact that having children is made of intermediate outcomes. Something that might be addressed with multilevel hierarchical models (no surprise coming from Gelman, I suppose).

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