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  1. Whoa.
  2. Sad story...
  3. Fantastic cocktail bar.
  4. Import journalism. "In a 1958 letter to the Manchester Guardian, Fleming offered a revealing confession: “I proceeded to invent a cocktail for Bond, which I sampled several months later and found unpalatable.”"
  5. Looks like this one should be doable. ;)
  6. Fantastic iron flavored amaro I had in DC.
  7. "What does this all mean? In terms of temperature and dilution, your style of shaking and the ice you use probably doesn’t matter. The length of time you shake probably doesn’t matter. All of these are probably vitally important to the texture and look of the drink. Eben put it best when he said that these results should set you free to develop your own style of shaking because you no longer need to worry about time and temperature."
  8. This Brenevín cocktail looks great!
  9. The "Ukranian Negroni" is actually kind of alright.
  10. 2015-05-22 to by aldeka - Archived Link

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