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  1. "All living things are gnarly, in that they inevitably do things that are much more complex than one might have expected. The shapes of tree branches are of course the standard example of gnarl. The life cycle of a jellyfish is way gnarly. The wild three-dimensional paths that a humming bird sweeps out are kind of gnarly too, and, if the truth be told, your ears are gnarly as well."
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  3. Weird looking toy.
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  5. Wild.
  6. I have heard tons about this project -- mostly from OLPC sources, I suppose. Nice to actually track it down.
  7. "In its noble mission to bring technology access to every child, One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) is planning a bizarre distribution tactic: XO-3 tablets will be airdropped into remote areas for kids to just pick up and start using, without instructions or people to guide them." - I don't believe that NN actually said this. But it would be pretty crazy if he did.
  8. "So, while nobody in their right mind would've paid money for Dr. Sbaitso as an actual video game, I credit it with saving my life."
  9. I couldn't agree with this more.
  10. Things I didn't really expect to read: "Windows XP is masked by the Blue Dolphin user interface that is reminiscent of Linux and makes the system an ease to use."

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