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  1. Nice copyfight article from 1997.
  2. I have no idea how this got into my open tabs. I disagree a lot. But it's good rant.
  3. Cute publicity stunt that tries to show pirates what it feels like. I have pretty mixed feelings about the whole thing but I think it is a nice little hack.
  4. "For several years Georgia State was involved in litigation over the fair use doctrine. Specifically a consortium of publishers backed by Oxford, Cambridge and Sage sued Georgia State over copyright violations by many of the faculty. A decision has now been rendered. The Court backed Georgia State in almost every instance, finding no copyright violation. However, the Court did lay down some rules - in particular you can use no more than 10% or one chapter, whichever is shorter, of any book."
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  6. I don't know what pinterest is, but it sounds like it may be violating copyright law.
  7. Awesome new organization. I love it.
  8. Amazing. Downhill battle is back!
  9. Answer: Seems so. People sure don't like DRM.
  10. via daf
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  12. Featuring unhappybirthday.com!
  13. Nigerian version of Titatic.
  14. This post makes me extremely happy.
  15. Dovetails nice with the porn article I want to do.
  16. Cute.
  17. A whole country (albeit not a very big one) goes in for compulsory licenses for music.
  18. if i could tag this ip with both meanings of the term, i would
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