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  1. I wrote up a long email about that I sent to Andrés Monroy. I should maybe publish that as a blog post.
  2. Amazing review of an amazing film.
  3. Not sure how much of this is a critique of the book versus a critique of the review: The argument that Internet is undermining the role of top-down or hierarchical knowledge production is a ridiculous one and is only one that you can make if you don't actually look at the structure of the Internet/web, etc. Preferential attachment and the creation of scale free networks show that these systems are incredibly hierarchical and incredibly "top down." The institutions aren't gone, you just aren't looking for them in their new form.
  4. "Science and reason are discomforting precisely because they have been carefully devised to allow nature to speak to us and to divulge its secrets, quite independently of what we would prefer to hear. Once we realize this, and we thus become willing to accept unpleasant but validated truths in place of comforting myths, we are far better prepared to recognize, address, and perchance solve, the myriad of problems presented to us by a complex civilization and a threatened natural estate. It is true that technology, applied without reasonable foresight or moral constraint, has brought us to our current environmental peril. But organized, cumulative and institutional reason - which is to say, science - is our best way out."
  5. Henry from CT talks about that Gladwell piece. They don't like it so much and I see their point. But I think part of it is just the normal "hating" on Gladwell that seems to come from academic circles. I like what's he's doing and wish academics would do a better job of selling their own work reliably so wouldn't have to rely on Gladwell to do it more poorly than we would.
  6. Matt Porter's presentation about the ways that Android is *really* not GNU/Linux
  7. Interesting article on Wikipedia by computer science and logic luminary Carl Hewitt. He's a smart guy, even if I think the article is not completely correct.

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