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  1. There are a few of these either or coming. It's an interesting development.
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  3. "A common use of Flickr is to find photos. But what about finding a new species of insect? Insect biosystematist Dr. Shaun Winterton discovered a photo on Flickr of a green lacewing taken by Hock Ping Guek (known as Kurt on Flickr). The insect was not identifiable as a known species to Winterton, and after collaborating with the photographer, a specimen was collected in the Malaysian rainforest. Further examination showed that this indeed was a new species. The discoverers named it Semachrysa jade. The discovery was published in ZooKeys and the abstract reads: A charismatic new species of green lacewing discovered in Malaysia (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae): the confluence of citizen scientist, online image database and cybertaxonomy."
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  4. Using the Wikipedia logo seems to be pretty lame for an article about Intrade and prediction markets. But the rest of it seems reasonable. The summary is something like: Prediction markets aren't good when there isn't good publicly available information. Which I suppose shouldn't come as a huge suprise.
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  6. This seems impossibly high.
  7. Interesting project, but it's built on top of Mendeley. :-(
  8. Star Wars, reshot by fans in 15 second chunks. Pretty incredible, actually.
  9. Super cool project by Salganik.
  10. Add this to the list of great looking talks I didn't know about until too late. In general, I think the combination of mapping, history, and crowdsourcing is an unlikely but potentially very rich combination.

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