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  1. "anyone with access to the server such as staff or government officials can add new members to a private group without permission of its admin members"
  2. "When a message recipient flags a WhatsApp message for review, that message is batched with the four most recent prior messages in that thread and then sent on to WhatsApp's review system as attachments to a ticket."
  3. Interesting. This is a sort of blockchain, DAO-based approached to organizing. This looks like a big world that is vaguely in our space that is worth looking into more.
  4. Free certificates, apparently!
  5. Huh. I don' t think I would use these. But it's interesting and kind of cool.
  6. If you haven't started the process of moving to a new GPG key, you should probably read this.
  7. I now understand the HDCP master key leak. Thanks Ed Felton!
    2010-10-01 to , , , , by mako - Archived Link
  8. Nice post by Wendy Seltzer and a very cool idea.
    2009-05-03 to , , by mako - Archived Link
  9. "Technically speaking, RSA didn't need to expire. In a seemingly bizarre move, RSA Data Security, Inc. granted a Free license to the patent a few weeks before the actual expiration date. To this day, I believe the same theory I espoused at the time: their primary goal in doing this was merely to ruin all the “RSA is Free” parties that had been planned."
    2008-12-11 to , , by mako - Archived Link

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