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  1. I didn't really know Bob although we overlapped a little bit on the FSF board when he was a member (a weird role). This was a nice writeup of an important person in the history of free software.
  2. Copyleft is not doing worse. At least in Debian.
  3. I'm pretty sure Mika and I are MM and MH.
  4. I really like this FSF campaign. Please participate and support it!
  5. I'm singled out as one of three people likely to lead the FSF in the future. Honored to be included, but I agree with the author that Stallman's not going anywhere anytime soon.
  6. This was brought up by an FSF member at Libre Planet next year. Nice to see closure on this.
  7. Maybe you know somebody who should be nominated for the FSF's free software award?
  8. Want to work at the FSF as a sysadmin/programmer?
    2011-08-02 to , , by mako - Archived Link
  9. Funny. I suggested to some FSF folks that they might want to transcode an OGG file for TAL at a party on Friday. Quick work! :)
  10. Seems that there's a new campaigns manager position at the FSF.
  11. Come work for the FSF!
    2010-06-10 to , by mako - Archived Link
  12. Weak praise indeed!
  13. This is a well thought out position on a very complicated question. I've talked to RMS about this before so I basically understood his position but it's very helpful to walk through the logic here. I think I mostly agree with him.
  14. 2009-11-25 to , , by mako - Archived Link
  15. 2009-08-05 to , , , , by mako - Archived Link
  16. Good points.
  17. "Introducing Holmes Wilson, the new campaigns manager."
  18. "Bunch of hippies and anarchists."
  19. Nice writeup of the MS/TT settlement with an important focus on the GPLv3 and what it can do for us
  20. Asheesh Laroia ruminates on CC receiving the FSF social benefit award. Wonderful news that we've come this far. This would have been unthinkable a couple years ago.

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