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  1. "(n)Code Solutions, a subsidiary of GNFC, produces digital certificates for the Government of India (including the digital Aadhaar card for over 1 billion Indians). The solution was the result of a partnership with Entrust."
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  2. This woman needs to find a new career.
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  4. Amazing. I can't believe that I missed this.
  5. Awesome.
  6. Good for Zeynep publishing this. But I don't really see what the point is. The problem for democracy is that campaigning is about manipulating people to win votes, not about actually engaging in issues. The mass media approaches to this are not particularly less scary to me, even if they are not as effective as new more data-driven approaches.
  7. Nice summary of the bruhaha over the republic memo calling for copyright reform. That will teach them.
  8. "The Prison Policy Initiative documents the impact of mass incarceration on individuals, communities, and the national welfare in order to empower the public to improve criminal justice policy."
  9. Interesting. But does it really matter?
  10. Kind of funny. Sad funny.
  11. Google needs to blow away half of the (awesome) roof garden so that they can spend a cool $2m so that their employees don't need to walk outside in order to get to the cafeteria.
  12. What a mess! The US government takes down JotForm because somebody put something shady online.
  13. More on Mockus. Who sounds awesome.
  14. Maybe the Somerville green line isn't happening. :(
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  15. News: People are suprised that the CIA is reading their public twits.
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  16. A extremely convoluted and almost impenetrable argument that, I think, argues that the OKCon crowd is not being clear enough about who the end users are. Might have made a good tweet.
  17. I had lunch with this guy last Saturday.
  18. Stop the government opacity initiative.
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  20. Mayo Fuster Morrell looks likely to graduate soon from EUI. I'm looking forward to reading your dissertation.
  21. Nice article! Maybe the babe in the bikini is not so necessary to this article about free software and politics that mentions Indonesia?

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