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  1. Scratch is now under the GPL! Woot!
  2. Copyleft is not doing worse. At least in Debian.
  3. Take Blackduck's results with a giant fist full of salt, but do look at these trends.
  4. Sounds complicated.
  5. Official word is thatt CC0 is GPL compatible. Good news!
  6. This is a well thought out position on a very complicated question. I've talked to RMS about this before so I basically understood his position but it's very helpful to walk through the logic here. I think I mostly agree with him.
  7. Complicated argument by Eben Moglen on the GPL, competition law, and MySQL.
  8. Marginalia is an open source Javascript web annotation system that allows users of web applications to highlight text and write margin notes." (via daf)
  9. Nice writeup of the MS/TT settlement with an important focus on the GPLv3 and what it can do for us
  10. updated: 2012-05-10, original: 2008-06-20 to , , , , , by mako - Archived Link

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