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  1. Neal Caren's (UNC) data scraping/processing tutorial. Potentially a useful teaching/learning resource?
  2. wrote about my journaling (lab notebooking) habits
    07-02-2013 to , , by aldeka
  3. Yet another Git tutorial that proved useful to me at some point.
  4. I swear I remember this diagram from the GNU Arch days.
  5. Too bad I've mostly moved to Emacs at this point...
  6. This is pretty a crazy bad way of doing this. But I might want to to do this again some day and wouldn't mind not having to hard for it.
    29-04-2009 to , , , , by mako
  7. Simple intro to graphic programming in Python. From pfctdayelise.
  8. Nice sort of R thesaurus for other statistical software.

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