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  1. Cute.
  2. Huh. I know women who wear bras in part so that they can HIDE their nipples!
  3. "This – what you are reading at this moment – is a report about a report about reports. Specifically, it's about the official report that the state of Texas requires about all the reports it requires from its own agencies."
  4. via ari
  5. "Massimo Donadon is worldwide renowned: the Pastry Chef for Rats, his baits taste like vanilla in Venice, pop corn in New York and cous-cous in Marrakech. Many companies that make rat baits, differentiate baits’ taste, but when rats invade an entire city, a big district or a whole region, public administrations call for rescue by Massimo Donadon, the Pied Piper of Venice."
  6. It's like Blex's Page of Good MP3 meets psychiatry! Awesome!

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