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  1. Ethiopia's historically embarrassing Internet regulation system still bad.
  2. Looks incredible.
  3. A nice history of chat.meatspac.es.
  4. "Google is not the Eye of Sauron, finding all that is good on the Internet and corrupting it. Nor, despite its mission "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful," is it humanity's informational savior. Google is a company that provides an enormously significant online service. When that service raises serious legal questions, we should ask whether it is good for the users or bad for the users."
  5. via:sj
  6. Never heard of the Internet Hall of Fame but if there's going to be such a thing, it's nice that RMS and AaronSw are in it.
  7. Nice little summary of a lot of nasty web security tricks.
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  10. Job applicants can easily collect a bunch of information that is otherwise difficult or illegal to get. Upload a text file or spreadsheet of your customers' emails and instantly get age, gender, and more.
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  12. Interesting idea, although I suspect there was too much fanfare around the actions to really make it work.
  13. I keep thinking I should find a way to use this, and I keep failing to actually figure out a way to use this.
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  15. Seems like the cheapest option for unlimited data in the <4 month range.
  16. Sometimes you realize that you are pretty happy not going back in time.
  17. I really really hope that they didn't just script this.
  18. Wonderful blog that collects and blogs about single topic blogs.
  19. This post is a joke. Hopefully.
  20. "The story of a man who taught his cat to use instant messaging." I'm going to bookmark this. And then hopefully never look at it again. So that you might do the same.
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  21. "A "public suffix" is one under which Internet users can directly register names. Some examples of public suffixes are .com, .co.uk and pvt.k12.wy.us. The Public Suffix List is a list of all known public suffixes. "
  22. I'm quoted in this article complaining about all the thugs and assholes in the hacker community. The way the article quotes it makes it sound like that's my opinion as a sociologist. It isn't. But I do feel that way.
  23. Interesting idea. I'm worried about getting too excited though since so much is up in the air. If I were this group, I would have waited until I had something to announce.

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