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  1. A very very nice write-up about how to make ricotta. Keep at between 175-185°F. Add 1T+1t white vinegar per liter.
  2. Fantastic iron flavored amaro I had in DC.
  3. This one is awesome.
  4. 2012-03-06 to , by mika - Archived Link
  5. Interesting pane from an Italian meeting called the "Share Festival". I haven't watched the whole thing but the parts I've seen seem reasonably intriguing -- although a few of the people are definitely of the sort of European-free culture "usual suspects" group and so may not have a lot new to say to you.
  6. This one uses canned tomato. None of the others do. I'm sure that makes it much easier to make and much worse.
    2010-09-12 to , , , by mako - Archived Link
  7. Awesome restaurant in Florence.

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