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  1. Dan Ravicher is named lawyer of the week. You can read an expanded version of that phrase if you pay a whole bunch of money to some law journal. I didn't. Congrats Dan!
  2. Very cool oped by Posner on the state of the patent system. He thinks its totally broken but, because he's Richard Posner, he has some ideas of what to do about it.
  3. "In his remarkable ruling, U.S. Circuit Judge Richard Posner stated that there was no point in holding a trial because it was apparent that neither side could show they had been harmed by the other’s patent infringement. He said he was inclined to dismiss the case with prejudice — meaning the parties can’t come back to fight over the same patents — and that he would enter a more formal opinion confirming this next week."
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  5. Mostly a summary of how the CAFC is out of line in its strong support for pantents: "So, it is with only slight satisfaction that I report the Supreme Court yesterday accepted another patent case. This is another instance where the CAFC went far beyond merely interpreting the patent statute in order to benefit patentees and harm the public. I am confident it will be another instance where the Supreme Court will correct the CAFC."
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  6. The government agrees with PubPat. Good news.
  7. Syummary: Everybody sues everybody.
  8. Nice writeup of the MS/TT settlement with an important focus on the GPLv3 and what it can do for us
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  10. Fascinating.
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