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  1. Scratch is now under the GPL! Woot!
  2. Take Blackduck's results with a giant fist full of salt, but do look at these trends.
  3. Sounds complicated.
  4. CC announces the 4.0 process for their new licenses. And it basically looks great. The one exception is the revaluation of the database stuff. The language about not making this works is wise and smart, but it's also going pretty hard to imagine how they could walk that line. The situation now is CC zero for data, or nothing. Anything CC does is going to make that situation worse.
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  5. Wow! Awesome news.
  6. The most interesting part, I think, is that the porn industry is actively involved in copyright litigation. I have often held them up as an example of an industry who didn't have litigation as an option and, as a result, had to be more creative.
  7. Official word is thatt CC0 is GPL compatible. Good news!
  8. This has been online for quite some time. I'm really surprised I haven't found this before.
  9. Yikes. I guess I'll think twice before I buy a bunch of software. ;)
  10. This is a well thought out position on a very complicated question. I've talked to RMS about this before so I basically understood his position but it's very helpful to walk through the logic here. I think I mostly agree with him.
  11. 2009-11-25 to , , by mako - Archived Link
  12. Image of printer dots from a Mass license. They've been decoded to the serial number.
  13. The last part of this article is crap. Open Access already has a standard license and it's BY-SA. Suggesting BY-NC-ND is regressive. Academics have strong standards already against derivative works. The only market for academic publications is a bizarre artificial one that, honestly, both scholars are being exploited by. Neither NC nor ND is solving real problems. If we're going to suggest standardization, lets have it be on what we really want as opposed to what we might be able to live with.
  14. Nice overview of the contributor agreement/copyright assignment discussion.
  15. Great article. The second article in this series is important as well.
  16. Vote!
  17. This post makes me extremely happy.
  18. Interesting blog post about the difficulty of chasing up old copyright licenses.
  19. Finally!

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