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  1. Scratch is now under the GPL! Woot!
  2. Take Blackduck's results with a giant fist full of salt, but do look at these trends.
  3. Sounds complicated.
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  4. Official word is thatt CC0 is GPL compatible. Good news!
  5. This is a well thought out position on a very complicated question. I've talked to RMS about this before so I basically understood his position but it's very helpful to walk through the logic here. I think I mostly agree with him.
  6. Nice overview of the contributor agreement/copyright assignment discussion.
  7. Interesting blog post about the difficulty of chasing up old copyright licenses.
  8. Finally!
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  9. Interesting opinion article in favor of the LGPL for QT.
  10. 18-12-2008 to , , , , by mako
  11. Why binary kernel drives are a broken idea technically.
  12. "Trying to shift the burden of proof back onto themselves, I asked why they don't contribute to the open-source projects from which they derive so much value. Many indicated that it's too hard to contribute back to open-source projects due to internal legal issues and the high bar to knowing how to contribute. They suggested that they would instead prefer to pay the open-source companies to do that work for them."
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  14. Interesting exploration of dual licensing of free software and their effects.
  15. Weird. In a good way! The NY Times and John Markoff seems to have made an about-face in their representation of free software. Awesome
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