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  1. The most useful tool for figuring how how far away two airports are.
  2. Nice collection of mostly dispersed campgrounds w/ pictures and details on cellphone coverage!
  3. Nice selection of rides hosted on "Ride with GPS" so these include GPX tracks and maps and turn sheets.
  4. Wow. That's complicated.
  5. Fantastic project visualizing neighborhoods.
  6. Pretty useful clock.
  7. 2014-01-29 to , , , , by mako - Archived Link
  8. Amazing.
  9. Map of a reports of stolen bicycles.
  10. Live feed of which books are being scanned by the Internet Archive. Kind of awesome.
  11. Route by Ron Newman.
  12. Just what it says it is.
  13. Spammy website but nice information.
  14. Unbelievable.
  15. What do you know, the revolution is being televised.
  16. I think this talk at MIT on Thursday will be really good.
  17. Awesome.

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