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  1. Really good article. ♥ Susan Silbey
  2. Draw any picture, have it "snap" into a Matisse shape. Amazing.
  3. MIT Media Lab memorial of Aaron Swartz. I finally got around to watching this.
  4. We did alright!
  5. "A compilation of Professor Walter Lewins and some of his lectures at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He draws some of the best lines, especially dashed lines - so fast that his hand isn't even moving up and down to produce the dashes."
  6. Google needs to blow away half of the (awesome) roof garden so that they can spend a cool $2m so that their employees don't need to walk outside in order to get to the cafeteria.
  7. This sounds like an awesome class at MIT.
  8. Nice video documenting the MIT Media Lab Festival of Learning.
  9. Interesting macro-economic insight and thesis. Very interesting design of a publication (almost certainly the most beautiful economic text I've ever read). I'll bet complexity is really just a proxy for a bunch of other things, but I doubt the authors would really disagree.
  10. The husband of Susan Silbey, my methods instructor and a brilliant mentor, passed away after a long battle with cancer.
  11. Rest is piece, John!
  12. My friend Rahul has created what looks like an awesome blog about visualization and presentation of data.
  13. I think this talk at MIT on Thursday will be really good.
  14. I can't believe I forgot to bookmark RMS doing crank dat.
  15. Civic Media seems off to a great start.
  16. It's awesome that Sasha will be joining the center.

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