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  1. I generally want to never link to TED content, but the animation of DNA at around 3:30-4:00 minutes in is pretty awesome.
  2. Books looks great. And she's a sociologist in Boston!
  3. Beautiful people. Falling over. via Mika.
  4. "The model aimed to rationalize several puzzles observed in the industry, such as why Red Hat, a high-quality firm, contributes significantly more to Linux than any other firm and why a market with mandatory sharing can actually produce higher-quality products than a proprietary market."
  5. This is the best website I think I've seen introducing academic models to a non-academic context anywhere.
  6. This seems like very important research on Wikipedia.
  7. Gelman on whether to use a simple or complex model and how to build one up.
  8. Great description of Jonathan Coulton and his compelling alternative model for supporting himself.

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