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  1. Amazing OLPC banknotes! Super cool!
  2. Clue: The answer has something to do with money and funding.
  3. I have no idea how this got into my open tabs. I disagree a lot. But it's good rant.
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  5. NYT Restaurant Critic grumbles about tips.
  6. Incredible.
  7. I find something a bit problematic about this experiment.
  8. Obituaries of BitCoin already? Very nice article, though.
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  9. Meh. The current isn't broken because it has gone down an enormous amount. In fact, it may have broken because it was so high! BC was heavily influenced by the speculators and investors. I think that a much lower price much more accurately reflects the number of people who believe they are likely to use it.
  10. I missed this story back in June.
  11. We stand with the 99 percent
  12. I'm fascinated by for-profits turning into non-profits and vice versa.
  13. Great content! Super annoying layout!
  14. Nice oped by Viviana Zelizer about why it's considered so bad to give money as a gift.
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