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  1. Fascinating story.
  2. This includes the video released by the company.
  3. "When a message recipient flags a WhatsApp message for review, that message is batched with the four most recent prior messages in that thread and then sent on to WhatsApp's review system as attachments to a ticket."
  4. “I can honestly say I can protect every hamster, every mouse in the world against SARS-CoV-2,” Dr. Peter Palese, the leader of the research, said. “But the jury’s still out about what it does in humans.”
  5. Looks like a pretty seamless way to extract the text of news documents. Looks very simple and pretty easy.
  6. "The rescuers required no special equipment, and were able to extricate the student from the sculpture by hand, creating a surreal, oversize delivery room scene, with the artwork giving birth to a full-grown (though perhaps a little immature) man."
  7. Wow. Sounds bad.
  8. The end of kitniyot?!
  9. Rattlenless rattlesnakes.
  10. The time Jake Vanderplas got attacked by a car!
  11. Awesome event by Monika!
  12. Seems like this guy is hosting dumps for WMF.
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  13. Extremely cute local news.

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