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  1. Henry from CT talks about that Gladwell piece. They don't like it so much and I see their point. But I think part of it is just the normal "hating" on Gladwell that seems to come from academic circles. I like what's he's doing and wish academics would do a better job of selling their own work reliably so wouldn't have to rely on Gladwell to do it more poorly than we would.
  2. Malcolm Gladwell on social movements and new technology. He talks about McAdams, Granovetter, and a bunch of other sociology hits. I'm not a huge Gladwell fan usually but, in this case, I think the article is pretty keen.
  3. Famous celebrant of material books reviews kindle and (surprisingly) finds it lacking. I love Nicholson Baker and have big problems with the kindle. But this bad review is just bad.
  4. I read this right after reading Sartre's No Exit. If hell is other people, it's also no people at all.
  5. This article will make you itch.
  6. article on joyce hatto from the new yorker

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