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  1. Great looking art show in London at the Tate. Too bad I missed it in Boston MFA!
  2. "Just because I don’t care about someone else’s pain, so to speak, doesn’t mean I want to cause more of it. I enjoy living in this society. I understand that there are rules. I choose to follow those rules because I understand the benefits of this world, this house where I get to live, this relationship I get to have. That is different from people who follow the rules because they have to, they should, they want to be a good person. None of those apply to me. I want to live in a world where things function properly. If I create messes, my life will become messy."
  3. Did a few of these things and they were great.
  4. Very cool column by Kurt Streeter
  5. Maybe something to check out on Lisa's wedding cruise?
  6. "The motivation for the about-face is simple, restaurateurs said: Diners just hate QR-code menus."
  7. “I can honestly say I can protect every hamster, every mouse in the world against SARS-CoV-2,” Dr. Peter Palese, the leader of the research, said. “But the jury’s still out about what it does in humans.”
  8. This entire series by the NYT is fantastic.
  9. A super important question. Very thought provoking.
  10. This review was bad but should have been worse IMHO. '“Why would anyone go to such lengths to get hold of a memoir whose essential purpose was to entertain?” (Oh, perhaps because people don’t find it very entertaining to be depicted as charlatans.) Such faux naïveté is unbecoming in someone as savvy as Lyons is, and makes him seem, in the end, an unreliable narrator of his own story.'
  11. Very basic introduction to wine.
  12. "Even Champagne and sparkling wines, which have so often been consigned to less-than-ideal vessels like the flute or the coupe, are better served by the all-purpose glass." Annoyingly repeating the rumor about stemless wineglasses warming wine. Not unless you're really doing it wrong. Otherwise, a very nice write-up.
  13. Wonderful essay on wine.
  14. Fantastic article.
  15. This Brenevín cocktail looks great!
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  17. Fascinating example of somebody trying to build a commune and having nobody show up.
  18. Incredible! The story the about wife bonuses is particularly bizarre.
  19. Looks incredible.
  20. "Over the last few years, Uber and Airbnb have come to be known as leaders of something called the sharing economy. Give their founders credit for this feat of mostly misplaced nomenclature. The companies help people sell rides in cars and rent stays in homes; they deserve no more credit for promoting a skill learned in preschool than Marriott or taxi companies."

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