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  1. Looks like an interesting project.
  2. updated: 2013-01-29, original: 2013-01-29 to , , , , , , by aarondshaw - Archived Link
  3. Joseph Reagle's orgcom syllabus. I'll probably teach this some day.
  4. WoWWiki entry chronicling the conflict and history of Wowpedia. Super useful for thinking about a future study of authority and leadership in the context of wikis, online collectives, and open organizations
  5. Interesting description of how Perl moved from a BDFL to a more democratic model.
  6. I'm fascinated by for-profits turning into non-profits and vice versa.
  7. I could this blog post as my reading list for the next sevreal months.
  8. with 6 comments
  9. I couldn't agree with this more.
  10. Nice post. But does anyone else find it ridiculous that professors have to write things like this?
  11. Check out the multimedia link showing the interconnections around Hyde Park and the Obama.s

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