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  1. "So instead of wishing you could tip an artist for something you pirated, talk about it. That’s good for everyone involved. If you have nothing good to say, even a simple mention is helpful. Not a bad mention. That’s not helpful. But the difference between pirating something and saying nothing vs. pirating something and mentioning it to other people is really, really huge."
  2. Cute publicity stunt that tries to show pirates what it feels like. I have pretty mixed feelings about the whole thing but I think it is a nice little hack.
  3. Cute. In a kind of depressing kind of way.
  4. Kim Dotcom is like Sean Fanning meets Kim Jong-Il.
  5. Don't let anybody very tell you that you have to choose between being the worlds most sketchy entrepreneur and the world's best violent video game player.
  6. Simple little article on the history of piracy by Christine Schweidler and Sasha Constanza-Chock.
  7. The most interesting part, I think, is that the porn industry is actively involved in copyright litigation. I have often held them up as an example of an industry who didn't have litigation as an option and, as a result, had to be more creative.
  8. Interesting. But speculation that a report may have existed that implied these things seems like pretty week ammution.
  9. Super interesting article on how Microsoft works with antipiracy efforts of the government to suppress dissent more broadly in Russian society.
  10. Nice article! Maybe the babe in the bikini is not so necessary to this article about free software and politics that mentions Indonesia?
  11. If you're going to be a software counterfeiter, then please copy and illegally use Microsoft products. The above plea isn't from a posting on a hacker forum. Rather, it's how Microsoft business group president Jeff Raikes feels about software counterfeiters. "If they're going to pirate somebody, we want it to be us rather than somebody else," Raikes said.
  12. The nasty part of Hadopi overturned is overturned. Awesome!
  13. Nigerian version of Titatic.
  14. Good project by some good people.
  15. Awesome write of the whole TPB trial outcome from someone who has closely followed the whole thing.
  16. I have very high hopes for this book.
  17. 2008-12-20 to , , , , , , by mako - Archived Link

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