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  1. Incredible write-up on the Pirate Party and German elections with a focus on Berlin.
  2. I'm quoted in this article complaining about all the thugs and assholes in the hacker community. The way the article quotes it makes it sound like that's my opinion as a sociologist. It isn't. But I do feel that way.
  3. "In popular mythology, the impressive performances of America’s blacks, especially Owens, so infuriated Hitler that he refused to shake Owens’s hand after his victory in the 100-meter dash. It’s a good story, and one widely disseminated at the time to show that the Olympic spirit had triumphed over Nazi racism. The problem is, it never happened."
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  5. Super interesting biography of a influential American I've never heard of.
  6. Stop the government opacity initiative.
  7. Ouch. This is a bad book review: "The empirical information he provides is perfunctory at best. His command of Marxism seems limited. His historical reach extends to his own earlier works. His vast theoretical apparatus is jimmy-rigged and empty. The graphs are inane, the writing atrocious. To call this book dull as dish water maligns dish water."
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  9. Mayo Fuster Morrell looks likely to graduate soon from EUI. I'm looking forward to reading your dissertation.
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  11. Nice article! Maybe the babe in the bikini is not so necessary to this article about free software and politics that mentions Indonesia?
  12. Somewhat interesting. Biella is pretty great athough there is not a lot new here. Zach's rejection of politics for technological development in art seems pretty poorly thought through in the context of both technology and art discourses! Disappointing.
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  14. A right wing stapler? A left wing movie? Amazon can help you out.
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  17. Nice write-up by Rick Perlstein (via aaronsw, I'm sure).

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