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  1. This review was bad but should have been worse IMHO. '“Why would anyone go to such lengths to get hold of a memoir whose essential purpose was to entertain?” (Oh, perhaps because people don’t find it very entertaining to be depicted as charlatans.) Such faux naïveté is unbecoming in someone as savvy as Lyons is, and makes him seem, in the end, an unreliable narrator of his own story.'
  2. Hubspot's founders response to Dan Lyon's book.
  3. Dan Lyon's employer/publisher pans his book! Sounds real bad.
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  4. Review of Pelevin by Ursula Leguin.
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  6. Overview of a new book called "How To Fix Copyright" which sounds like something I could get behind.
  7. "When do states adopt the moral frames promoted by transnational advocacy organizations? Joshua W. Busby examines the success and failure of advocacy campaigns for debt relief, climate change, HIV/AIDS treatment, and membership in the International Criminal Court in the G7 countries to show that states adopt normative commitments based on key gatekeepers, and their perceptions of national interest. Moral Movements and Foreign Policy argues that material interests of states and of individual politicians are insufficient explanatory variables for making sense of foreign policy choices. Moral language, religious motivations, the desire to live up to a virtuous self-image all shape highly consequential foreign policy decisions that impact everything from foreign aid budgets to the voluntary ceding of state sovereignty over armed forces."
  8. Ouch. This is a bad book review: "The empirical information he provides is perfunctory at best. His command of Marxism seems limited. His historical reach extends to his own earlier works. His vast theoretical apparatus is jimmy-rigged and empty. The graphs are inane, the writing atrocious. To call this book dull as dish water maligns dish water."
  9. Review of Zittrain's (Future of the Internet and How to Stop It) by Tim Wu.
  10. A parody book review? A parody book?

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