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  1. Review of O'Reilly's book by Molly Sauter. Not very complementary.
  2. Hubspot's founders response to Dan Lyon's book.
  3. Dan Lyon's employer/publisher pans his book! Sounds real bad.
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  4. NYTMagazine article about Twitter that doesn't mention TXTMob. Whoops.
  5. 2014-02-05 to , by aldeka - Archived Link
  6. My summary: Sodas don't matter. But they are a signal of a company changing its values. Via Don Marti.
  7. My sense is that most revolutions are fought by the privileged children of the elite.
  8. The most productive young people will always be undervalued by large organizations, because the young have no performance to measure yet, and any error in guessing their ability will tend toward the mean.
    2012-04-22 to , , , by aldeka - Archived Link
  9. 2012-04-21 to , by aldeka - Archived Link
  10. Exciting new project by the former Ubuntu CTO.
  11. The piece doesn't suggest that startups might really want patents because they are a signal to investors. It's a crap reason, and a good reason to change the system since it only costs startups valuable resources at time when they need them, but it's the reason I've seen in the research.
  12. Also from pcftdayelise.

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