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  1. 2024-02-13 to , , by aldeka - Archived Link
  2. Detailed story of a failed kickstarter (i.e., one that made the money but that spent it all and didn't do what they said they would). Super interesting.
  3. We all forget what the story of the Golden Goose was about. We've also forgotten its moral. James Grimmelmann reminds us: "In today’s overheated technology “economy,” venture capitalists are itinerant axemen, always on the prowl for geese to chop open. That’s how they work. They find a product, a service, a community that has about it something magical, and they shove money down its throat. But because they expect to be repaid, either the goose accelerates its egg-laying exponentially or out comes the axe. The goose only rarely survives; the magic never does."
  4. I'm also a devotee of the Amtrak quiet car.
  5. I'm not so mad I never went to law school.
  6. Crazy story. Gripping.
  7. 2009-06-23 to , , , by mako - Archived Link
  8. Fiction by my friend Stephanie Gayle.

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