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  1. I like the video teaching people how to talk to each other before they let them into their house.
  2. Via Marcell: "The fact that the current policy of not releasing documentation and providing source code only to their immediate customers, as well as the frequent abomination of binary-only kernel modules also effectively prevent any independent third party (commercial or non-commercial) to actually provide such a solution based on a particular hardware offering. Thus, it is actually not an anti-FOSS environment, but an anti-competitive environment. By opening up at whatever level and enabling (or even encouraging) any third party to build on top of your product, you encourage a market and encourage competition. A market with actual competition will increase innovation due to competition. In the end, any customer who wants to use the actual chip will have more software options, and thus the resulting product will be able to reach more markets and boldly go where it hasn't gone before."
  3. "This is a boilerplate answer to the "help me get started with Linux" mail that I seem to get a lot of. You need three things to get started with Linux, and only the last one is a computer with Linux on it. So pay attention to the first two."

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