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  1. I totally read this as "zoobombing" the first time.
  2. Saw this paper at CHI. Pretty awesome although not entire sure what this is good for.
  3. Awesome project created by an undergrad at Brown!
  4. Looks like a great class and something I might want to look at to build off.
  5. 2013-06-11 to , , , , by aldeka - Archived Link
  6. The idea of that coding versus writing is something that is close to my heart.
  7. Introduction to a theoretically very efficient system for writing academic papers
  8. Listing of classic R datasets used in various packages
    updated: 2013-01-29, original: 2013-01-29 to , , , , by aarondshaw - Archived Link
  9. updated: 2013-01-29, original: 2013-01-29 to , , , , , , by aarondshaw - Archived Link
  10. "A compilation of Professor Walter Lewins and some of his lectures at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He draws some of the best lines, especially dashed lines - so fast that his hand isn't even moving up and down to produce the dashes."
  11. Incredible answer to this question that really makes it clear. If I teach stats, I'm going to use whuber's example.
  12. It turns out, Google has data on enough search terms that something is always quite highly correlated with your curve! This is a crackpot conspiracy theorists dream!
  13. Correlation.
  14. Wikipedia gets the InsideHigherEd treatment.
  15. We lean from homework, not from lectures. Nobody is surprised but it's still useful to see.
  16. Very cool statistics demonstration on OLS. Clearest demonstration I've seen.
  17. Nice post. But does anyone else find it ridiculous that professors have to write things like this?

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