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  1. Nice profile of danah, although a little weird it's in the fashion section and, y'know, focuses a ton on her fashion.
  2. I'm quoted in this article complaining about all the thugs and assholes in the hacker community. The way the article quotes it makes it sound like that's my opinion as a sociologist. It isn't. But I do feel that way.
  3. Inventing the printing press is the easy part. Inventing the market for its products is tough.
  4. Books I will miss dearly. Handwriting, not so much. I certainly forgot how to write in cursive and don't lose any sleep over it.
  5. I think that writing about a companies internally strategy is pretty risky but the idea that Google is putting its own interest over its users is an interesting idea that meshes pretty well with the whole antifeatures cocept that I've been throwing around.

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