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  1. “You just put a bottle of unsweetened Everclear on the cage and they love it.”
  2. Wow.
  3. from Phoebe
  4. "At least 20 people this summer -- most of them Japanese -- have suffered from the disorder after realizing Paris isn't what they expected." A disorder that happens when you go to Paris thinking it's gonna be awesome and it isn't
  5. "The UPenn Journal of Business Law recently published my (first!) law review article, which proposes a relatively far-reaching solution: Reinterpreting existing law to impose a strong presumption in favor of low-cost index funds for tax-advantaged, employer-sponsored DC plans, including 401(k)s. Even if you don't agree with that solution, something needs to be done."
  6. Very cool oped by Posner on the state of the patent system. He thinks its totally broken but, because he's Richard Posner, he has some ideas of what to do about it.
  7. This is awesome. Too bad they're almost certainly going to lose. :(
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