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  1. Looks interesting.
  2. Nice orgtheory argument about what makes for a good theory about how to tell/test.
  3. "McLuhan was wrong. The message is the message. We use different media to deliver it, more or less intact."
  4. Interesting pane from an Italian meeting called the "Share Festival". I haven't watched the whole thing but the parts I've seen seem reasonably intriguing -- although a few of the people are definitely of the sort of European-free culture "usual suspects" group and so may not have a lot new to say to you.
  5. "Here’s a provocative talk by Michael Heller about the problems of private ownership."
  6. A extremely convoluted and almost impenetrable argument that, I think, argues that the OKCon crowd is not being clear enough about who the end users are. Might have made a good tweet.
  7. An interesting taxonomy of races.
  8. Ouch. This is a bad book review: "The empirical information he provides is perfunctory at best. His command of Marxism seems limited. His historical reach extends to his own earlier works. His vast theoretical apparatus is jimmy-rigged and empty. The graphs are inane, the writing atrocious. To call this book dull as dish water maligns dish water."
  9. article recommended by tomislav medak
  10. journal on building sustainable communities which is now (unfortunately) out of print
    2007-09-19 to , by mako - Archived Link

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