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  1. imagine how good your life would be if you had a 26yo nursing assistant by your side, now replace S with N
  2. "The review reinforces the common mistake (apparently made by Lubet too) that Ethnography’s role is to furnish us with hard-to-obtain facts about the social world. But is that what we get from the great ethnographers like Geertz or E. Goffman? No. Rather, great ethnography offers us deep, general *insights* See e.g., how Homans uses Whyte. *Thats* why Whyte is a classic."
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  5. Another online service shutting it doors. Apparently, it is also refusing to be archived!
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  7. NYTMagazine article about Twitter that doesn't mention TXTMob. Whoops.
  8. Many of Bieb's Twitter friends are robots. The irony of course, is that Justin is the one who is being used.
  9. Here's the spoiler: The answer is "not you."
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  11. Rather incredible compilation of people complaining about the SOPA/PIPA Wikipedia blackout.
  12. News: People are suprised that the CIA is reading their public twits.
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  13. "It really hits you over the head with how limiting (and, frankly, silly) Twitter is. I think in a few years people will look back at Twitter and feel like they were, well, duped in a way -- millions of grown men and women, adults, typing in obscure abbreviations and making up messy syntaxes just to fit a semi-arbitrary character limit; large, important companies falling over themselves to play the game and Build Their Brands around these tiny messages; opportunists positioning themselves as gurus of this Sophisticated New Communication Platformâ„¢."
  14. Why this is a Drupal miner, I have an idea.
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  15. Almost worth reading and possibly worth referring back to sometime.
  16. Henry from CT talks about that Gladwell piece. They don't like it so much and I see their point. But I think part of it is just the normal "hating" on Gladwell that seems to come from academic circles. I like what's he's doing and wish academics would do a better job of selling their own work reliably so wouldn't have to rely on Gladwell to do it more poorly than we would.
  17. Malcolm Gladwell on social movements and new technology. He talks about McAdams, Granovetter, and a bunch of other sociology hits. I'm not a huge Gladwell fan usually but, in this case, I think the article is pretty keen.

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