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  1. Guy straps fireworks onto his road bike and uses it to launch a retributive attack on a scooter that buzzes him.
  2. Extraordinarily strange way of filming this. Extremely good extemporaneous-seeming speaking. Good/interesting content. Worth the listen.
  3. Wow. So many of my friends.
  4. Just what it says it is.
  5. "A compilation of Professor Walter Lewins and some of his lectures at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He draws some of the best lines, especially dashed lines - so fast that his hand isn't even moving up and down to produce the dashes."
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  7. Huge fish leaping out of the water in enormous numbers.
  8. Kinda cute.
  9. Everybody else was bookmarking it...
  10. I laughed not from this particular video, but from watching several of her silly dance videos.
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  11. Nice video documenting the MIT Media Lab Festival of Learning.
  12. Slightly cute.
  13. Star Wars, reshot by fans in 15 second chunks. Pretty incredible, actually.
  14. I *hate* to bookmark advertisements but the similarity of this ad to one of my favorite short films (Pol Pot's Birthday) was too good to pass up.
  15. I generally want to never link to TED content, but the animation of DNA at around 3:30-4:00 minutes in is pretty awesome.
  16. I don't understand Minecraft well enough to understand this, but I still think it's cool.
  17. Sometimes you realize that you are pretty happy not going back in time.
  18. Recipe's not that complex, but the cooking implements sure are.
  19. Toward a world in which our only computers are our mobile phones. I really don't want one. But I think it's interesting.
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  20. If you've got a lifetime to kill, this seems like it could be a nice place to start.
  21. Crazy it's actually true.
  22. I helped (a tiny amount!) to build a bike like this for Occupy Boston.
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