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  1. Beautiful little images/icons that use as a font for inserting onto your website. Super nice!
  2. Interesting for almost 2 seconds as well.
  3. (Another) search engine for scholarly work.
  4. Many of Bieb's Twitter friends are robots. The irony of course, is that Justin is the one who is being used.
  5. My sense is that most revolutions are fought by the privileged children of the elite.
  6. This looks awesome.
  7. Nice little summary of a lot of nasty web security tricks.
  8. Hardly missed ya.
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  9. Heroku wants you to be able to fork data too. Good idea.
  10. Awesome.
  11. OK. That is incredible.
  12. Tumblr of videos of people talking about making websites, mostly.
  13. Another decentralized service. Maybe this one will really work?
  14. "Cubism.js is a D3 plugin for visualizing time series. Use Cubism to construct better realtime dashboards, pulling data from Graphite, Cube and other sources. Cubism is available under the Apache License on GitHub."
  15. "Cube is a system for collecting timestamped events and deriving metrics. By collecting events rather than metrics, Cube lets you compute aggregate statistics post hoc. It also enables richer analysis, such as quantiles and histograms of arbitrary event sets. Cube is built on MongoDB and available under the Apache License on GitHub."
  16. "rbutr is an application which allows people to follow inter-website debates and easily find counter arguments to pages they are viewing"
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  17. I don't know what pinterest is, but it sounds like it may be violating copyright law.
  18. What a mess! The US government takes down JotForm because somebody put something shady online.
  19. "I’d like that as a service. Send me what my friends were writing 8 years ago today-ish. Their long form work. We could start with blogs, tease out books and papers later, eventually troll The Archive for projects they were launching."
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  20. Somerville, anyone? I don't want to start this unless I do so with a bunch of others -- I feel like I'm starring in my own little collective action problem.
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  22. Social "reading" community/application.
  23. How it is possible that GooglePlus does not offer RSS feeds. Why isn't this is the bigger story?

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