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  1. "Upon the demise of LimeWire as a useful client, many people simply stopped using Gnutella altogther."
  2. Interesting. But speculation that a report may have existed that implied these things seems like pretty week ammution.
  3. I believe the number but I think it's not true to say that each C&D letter translates into payment. My general understanding is that these letters are being used as a way of getting ISPs to turn users off, not to extra money directly.
  4. via daf
  5. The nasty part of Hadopi overturned is overturned. Awesome!
  6. "Bunch of hippies and anarchists."
  7. A whole country (albeit not a very big one) goes in for compulsory licenses for music.
  8. 2008-12-20 to , , , , , , - Archived Link
  9. if i could tag this ip with both meanings of the term, i would
  10. 2008-11-20 to , , , - Archived Link
  11. e-learning torrent community
  12. More evidence of bands releasing works onto P2P networks as a form of promotion.
  13. 2008-07-21 to , , - Archived Link

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