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  1. Looks like an interesting project.
  2. Mark Shuttleworth reflects on the Ubuntu trademark policy.
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  3. Cute little Drupal plugin that tarbits and makes users' live real bad until they eventually give up.
    updated: 29-04-2012, original: 29-04-2012 to , , , , , , by mako and 1 other
  4. Another CLS. I really should make it one of these some year.
  5. "The Daily Asheesh"
  6. Could be important.
  7. I agree with all of this except the suggestion that Torvalds is responsible for it. He popularized this model of development, but he didn't invent it.
  8. Three kinds of openness.
    updated: 08-11-2011, original: 08-11-2009 to , , , , , , by mako
  9. Recap of a recap of a Google tech talk from a few years back that I've heard good things above.
  10. Special issue of a magazine with articles on women in open source.
  11. Article by a leader of an internal HP "open source" user group type organization. Interesting.
  12. Free software alternative to Couchsurfing, I'm told.
  13. "I don’t think Negroponte appreciates how big the open source community was in the first year’s G1G1 program. I only know a few people (including myself) who have an OLPC, but we are all Linux geeks. Unfortunately the One Laptop Foundation now has the reputation of being turncoat to the community. There is still a lot of great activity, but now when it is mentioned on Slashdot there are a lot of comments about how disappointing the Windows move was. Perhaps unfair, but that’s how reputations work."
    30-01-2009 to , , , by mako

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