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  1. Correlation.
  2. "My pet Theory of Professional Academic Associations is that the discipline’s organizational life inverts its core intellectual commitments..."
  3. Henry from CT talks about that Gladwell piece. They don't like it so much and I see their point. But I think part of it is just the normal "hating" on Gladwell that seems to come from academic circles. I like what's he's doing and wish academics would do a better job of selling their own work reliably so wouldn't have to rely on Gladwell to do it more poorly than we would.
  4. "I would estimate that about 80% of the non-academic non-fiction books that I do not find a complete waste of time (i.e. good books in politics, economics etc – I can’t speak to genres that I don’t know) are at least twice as long as they should be." Amen.
  5. via AaronSw
  6. I'll return to this when I write my book laying out my plan for reference reform in scholarly publishing.
  7. A parody book review? A parody book?

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