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  1. Practical benefits of participating in FLOSS.
  2. A bloggy lit review on the economics of FOSS.
  3. I've always hired free and open source software developers. But I guess I'm probably difference.
  4. Good idea. Let's see if it works.
  5. "So, in my view, the OSI should not give in to this blackmail, but should stand firm on the fundamental principle that software patents are an unmitigated harm for free software. It should reject the current proposed licence, and insist that if the MPEG Working Group wishes to benefit from open source, it should play by open source's rules." Amen.
  6. Class on free software at Australia's National University!
  7. Feel good article about FOSS although not a lot of new things to say.
  8. Looks awesome!
  9. Points again to people worried about threats of lawsuits.
  10. 2008-10-25 to , - Archived Link

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