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  1. From Julia!
  2. "A compilation of Professor Walter Lewins and some of his lectures at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He draws some of the best lines, especially dashed lines - so fast that his hand isn't even moving up and down to produce the dashes."
  3. The NYTimes website with all all Fox News content. Brilliant.
  4. Kinda cute.
  5. I've been looking for something between Internet radio (like Soma) and something like Spotify which makes me choose everything. Pandora is an alternative but is DRMed. This website for DJs to share mixes seems like it might be a nice compromise.
  6. This is a beautiful text that is made up entirely of material reused from other people. It's truly wonderful. I wanted to write a similar text but then this was pointed out to me and was clearly better than anything I could have put together. I vaguely remember reading this when it came out, as well. It would have been wonderful if I had accidentically plagiarized his idea as well.
  8. Code obsfuctation emerges among Scratchers. Incredible!
  9. Nigerian version of Titatic.
  10. Awesome write-up on the history of the Wikipedia logo by the author of the very very first version.
  11. Nice post by Kevin Driscoll on a remix that uses stuff from the "Numa Numa" song and follows it through on a couple interesting tangents.

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