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  1. This seems like a pretty crazy decision. Bad news for Germans until this gets appealed out of existence.
  2. CC announces the 4.0 process for their new licenses. And it basically looks great. The one exception is the revaluation of the database stuff. The language about not making this works is wise and smart, but it's also going pretty hard to imagine how they could walk that line. The situation now is CC zero for data, or nothing. Anything CC does is going to make that situation worse.
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  3. Wow! Awesome news.
  4. Official word is thatt CC0 is GPL compatible. Good news!
  5. Awesome interview of Lewis Hyde by Mike Linksvayer. Not often you find an interview as familiar with the interviewees work as you do here. It helps, I guess, if the reader of the interview is familiar with Hyde's broader work as well.
  6. Great conversation/debate between Nina Paley and Corey Doctorow. Wow!
  7. Vote!
  8. Asheesh Laroia ruminates on CC receiving the FSF social benefit award. Wonderful news that we've come this far. This would have been unthinkable a couple years ago.
  9. This post makes me extremely happy.
  10. Dovetails nice with the porn article I want to do.
  11. An appeal by Andy Oram on behalf of CC that also covers a bit of the discussion of CC's past at HLS upon Lessig's decision to come visit.
  12. I didn't realize Kraftwerk were the bad guys.
  13. New publishing imprint from a major publisher to use only CC works available for free on the Internet at the time of publication. Hal Abelson is on the advisory board.

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