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  1. Continuing to follow up on a bet I had with AaronSw.
  2. The calculator is no coincidence. Apple simple copied it.
  3. "In his remarkable ruling, U.S. Circuit Judge Richard Posner stated that there was no point in holding a trial because it was apparent that neither side could show they had been harmed by the other’s patent infringement. He said he was inclined to dismiss the case with prejudice — meaning the parties can’t come back to fight over the same patents — and that he would enter a more formal opinion confirming this next week."
  4. Google publishes a description of how to avoid getting tracked and then does all kind of things to get around the actions of the folks who take their advice.
  5. "It was clear in that moment that Apple products had crossed the line between mere technologies and beloved object, they had become something you would not live without, or indeed be dead without."
  6. The only reason I'm bookmarking it for the picture of Jeff Bezos dressed exactly like Steve Jobs.
  7. Syummary: Everybody sues everybody.
  8. Via AaronSw. Awesome.
  9. Wait, isn't a patent on DRM which makes it less easy (or more expensive) for others to do a good thing?
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  11. Amen
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  12. The Apple AppStore is the dystopian future we were trying to avoid.
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  13. Carried on far longer than was necessary.
  14. 2009-01-08 to , , - Archived Link
  15. iPhone adds are called misleading because they claim that the phone supports the whole Internet but doesn't support "standard" like Java and Flash. I think the free software position should be in favor of Apple on this one.

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